Contact lenses could be the convenient eyewear option you’ve been looking for

If you have a particularly active lifestyle, or even if you are simply not keen on the idea of wearing glasses, contact lenses could be the ideal solution for you. They work to the same principle as a pair of specs but have a number of advantages that may make them more suitable for your lifestyle.

Whilst some people are still put off by the idea of having to place contact lenses directly onto their eyeball, the reality is that this is a very quick, easy and painless process that soon becomes second nature. When you decide to use contact lenses for the first time, one of our experienced team will give you a full demonstration of how to insert and remove them safely, so you know you’re always doing it properly.

What’s more, most contact lenses are now made from a flexible material called silicon hydrogel, which not only allows oxygen through to the surface of the eyeball to keep it healthy, but also ensures maximum comfort for you.

Contact lenses are available in daily, 2 weekly, or monthly varieties, so you can choose which ones would be best for you. We also supply toric lenses, which correct astigmatism, and even coloured lenses in case you want to match your outfit for a special occasion, or just fancy a change of eye colour for the day!