Get your little one off to the best start in life – make sure they’re visiting the optician regularly

Children are entitled to regular free NHS eye tests.

Your child’s vision shapes the way they interpret the world, and significantly contributes to their development and learning. It is often thought that children don’t need an eye test until they are able to read, but in fact they should be regularly visiting the optician from about 12 months of age.

Using a combination of shapes and pictures instead of words and numbers, we are able to track and monitor your child’s eye movements and their reactions to visual stimuli to assess their vision and eye health. The good news is that several eye conditions, like squints, astigmatism, longsightedness or even short-sightedness can be easily corrected in children younger than seven years old. After this age, the eyes are more developed and any potential problems can be harder to fix.

What’s more, your child’s experience of education can also be affected by their vision. Children who struggle to read and see the board clearly in class can easily become frustrated and eventually bored, disruptive and even completely disengaged with learning altogether. Ensuring your child has regular eye examinations throughout their school career will help to make sure they have the best possible chance at making the most of their time in education.

You know as well as we do that children can sometimes struggle to sit still for set periods oftimeand having to complete tests can also be challenging! Our team have a wealth of experience when it comes to carrying out children’s eye exams and have a series of techniques to keep them engaged throughout the test.

If they need new eyewear, they are entitled to a voucher towards the cost. They will be able to choose from our varied and exciting range of children’s frames, many included in the cost of the voucher, others incur a small charge, or discount on the adults range of frames. It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to incorporate their favourite colours into their everyday lives.