Why is it so important to make sure your eyes and vision are checked regularly? The checks we do help us to detect Glaucoma (increased eye pressure), Macular Degeneration (often a slow deterioration with increasing age), Diabetic Retinopathy and many other eye conditions. The earlier these are detected the better.

Normally, NHS examinations are every two years, but sometimes annual eye examinations are recommended by your Optometrist. When you visit us for an eye examination, our Optometrist will carry out a series of tests to assess your visual acuity – how well you can see. These tests include reading a series of different sized letters off a screen, and possibly testing different types of lenses to see whether they make it easier or harder to read. The outcome of these tests will determine whether you need eyewear to improve your vision in everyday life, or possibly just in particular situations like driving or reading.

You’ll also complete some tests to help us ensure that your eyes are in great health, and that there are no early signs of potentially serious conditions. We’ll assess the backs of your eyes to check their health and the pressure which may indicates the presence of glaucoma. None of these tests are painful or uncomfortable in any way, and all take a matter of seconds.